I Can't Believe It's Not Human!
Building a Conversational Bot With Elixir and

Aaron Cruz

Together we'll build a smart bot using some of Elixir's nicer features. Then we'll connect our bot with to parse natural language. You'll walk away with a bot who is pretty intelligent in a restricted domain.

Production debugging techniques for Elixir

Artur Debski, Wojciech Gawronski, Michal Muskala

Both Erlang and Elixir are praised for their "debuggability". It's true - there's a lot of tools and techniques that can be used, even on live, production systems. Not only that - they are easily accessible and freely usable. Together we're going to explore them in depth.
We're going to learn what exactly happens when you call a GenServer, how to "spy" on processes and introspect the VM internals. We're going to work with an example application - a basic key-value store built on top of plug, prepare a release for it and deploy it to production. Unfortunately, after the deployment we're going to discover some errors, we didn't anticipate. Fortunately, with the knowledge we gained earlier, we'll be able to diagnose and fix them - live in production!

Attendees should be familiar with syntax and basic features of either Elixir or Erlang. It is advised that all attendees complete the Mix and OTP tutorial
Participants should have Elixir >= 1.3 and Erlang >= 18 locally installed, together with their favorite editor.

Elixir Basics Workshop

Hubert Lepicki

We will embark on our journey into the magical world of Elixir. Starting with installation and learning language basics, we will move to building application, discovering and learning some of the patterns of Erlang/OTP. At the end of this workshop, you will understand not just the core syntax, but - more importantly - the mechanisms and philosophy behind Elixir and Erlang programs.

Elixir & APIs - Getting started

Victoria Wagman

Welcome to this hands on workshop on Elixir and APIs. Join us if you want to fetch open data, explore authentication and try sending text messages in Elixir!

During this workshop you will:
- Fetch open data with Elixir from a public api
- Use Elixir to interact with an api that requires authentication
- Write elixir code to send and receive SMS-messages with the 46elks api