Speakers & workshop mentors

José Valim (@josevalim) is the creator of the Elixir programming language and the Director of R&D at Plataformatec, a consultancy firm based in Brazil

Check out José's talk: GenStage and Flow

Aaron Cruz is a food lover who speaks about Ruby, Go and Elixir at conferences and meetups around the world. For his real job, he builds chatbots for forward thinking companies who want to reach new customers in interesting ways.

Check out Aaron's talk: The Evolution of a Chatbot
and his workshop: I Can't Believe It's Not Human! Building a Conversational Bot With Elixir and wit.ai

Artur Debski is a Ruby programmer who truly believes in a functional approach to programming. Having stumble at Elixir a long time ago Artur helps to spread the word about it and is a co-host of Functional Miners meetup (formerly SilesianBeamers). Can't live without HJKL and enjoys a good craft beer.

Check out Arturs's workshop: Production Debugging Techniques for Elixir

Sebastian Gebski - agilista, blogger, geek, software engineering manager & architect - still knee-deep in the code & ... enjoying it more than ever. Obsessed with the ideas of continuous delivery & development agility (ease of change over perfect up-front design). His origins are in C++ & .NET/C# (since 2001), but resisting Erlang (first) and Elixir (next) was just not an option. Currently he shares his time between Warsaw & Copenhagen, helping big financial services enterprises in their quest to build software that doesn't suck :)

Check out Sebastian's talk: Everyone's Least Favorite Part - How To Pimp Elixir App Releasing Model?

Wojciech Gawronski - after tackling major scaling and performance challenges in the education, eCommerce, public transport and analytics field, he choose Appliscale and the hyper performant world of real time bidding to sharpen his Erlang skills. He is a frequent speaker throughout Silesia and co-organizer of several meet-ups (Functional Miners, Silessian BEAMers, Nodeschool Silesia). His code helps power a multi billion transaction platform, distributed across the globe. Also, Wojciech strongly believes in DevOps culture and not being afraid to change hats when there is a need for it. In the spare time he is giving talks on various IT-related meetings, blogging at http://afronski.pl and reading a lot of books.

Check out Wojciech's workshop: Production Debugging Techniques for Elixir

Tomasz Kowal is a software developer currently working full time with Elixir at ClubCollect. He started with Erlang 6 years ago and is still amazed by the power functional languages provide. In his free time he likes tinkering with flying robots

Check out Tomasz's talk: Very Basic Design in Functional Programming Languages

Hubert Lepicki works as a software developer and system architect for nearly a decade. During his career he built systems mainly using web technologies like PHP, Java, Ruby and Elixir. Hubert is also a co-owner of company that helps startups realize their vision by helping to build the software.

Check out Hubert's workshop: Elixir Basics Workshop

Szymon Mentel got into Erlang at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland and for the last 4 years have worked on projects related to Software Defined Networking and XMPP at Erlang Solutions. On a daily basis he is involved with system design and development. Also, he teaches Erlang/Elixir in training courses.

Check out Szymon's talk: What's in Your Mixture? Overview of Tracing Techniques for Elixir

Michal Muskala - student during mornings, developer at afternoons and open source contributor by evenings. Michal is programming languages enthusiast, focusing mostly on the functional side. He is a member of the Ecto core team and maintainer of the MongoDB adapter. He's Google Summer of Code 2015 alumni, where he worked on Ecto and it's MongoDB integration supervised by José Valim himself. When not programming he enjoys reading books, travelling, and sailing - no matter if sunny, rainy or stormy - it's even better if all of those are combined!

Check out Michal's talk: Extending OTP with custom behaviours
and his workshop: Production Debugging Techniques for Elixir

Tobias Pfeiffer is a clean coder, Full Stack developer, Rubyist, Elixir fan, learner, teacher and agile craftsman by passion.
He organizes the Ruby User Group Berlin, maintains Shoes and Benchee as well as contributing to a variety of projects while thinking about new ideas to put into code and push boundaries. He loves collaboratively creating just about anything people enjoy. Currently he's flying in the bitcrowd airship creating wonderful web applications, most recently with Elixir and Phoenix refreshing his perspective on web applications.

Check out Tobias' talk: How fast is it really? Benchmarking in practice

Victoria Wagman is a fullstack developer at 46elks. She’s passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. Editor of choice is vim. Language agnostic. She enjoys discovering and testing tools, processes and ways of thinking. @victoriawagman runs on vegetable juice and do-it-now mentality. She has incorporated #gtd into every day life, and every day strives to, through actions, pay it forward.

Check out Victoria's talk: Introduction to APIs. Headers, authentication, gotchas
(json vs form encoded etc.) with examples in Elixir

and her workshop: Elixir & APIs - Getting started